The People’s Global Collaboration Platform

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The current progress towards UN's 17 SDGs, saving the World and making the World a better place is moving too slow.

That is the devastating fact and truth the World is facing right now. Despite the current progress and forecasts (apparent from the links below), we at UMIA believe it’s possible to reach all of UN’s 17 SDGs on time and continue beyond towards our highest and grandest version of and vision for life on this planet. But it requires that we stand up for each other and stand together. Alone we might feel powerless but together we can move the entire World.


By connecting and empowering all the ordinary and extraordinary people from around the World who care and are willing to contribute, enabling all of us to take action as one, by way of facilitating the partnership and collaboration for all the people around the World.

UMIA is the non-profit organisation behind the initiative the People’s Global Collaboration Platform which is intended to be a cloud based one stop shop for global collaboration, project management, sharing etc. In other words, a match-making platform for everybody around the World who wishes to contribute to and take part in making a real difference, whether that be large global projects or local events. The Platform will make it possible to match specific needs with what is needed - whether that be volunteers, talent, skills, passions, competences, hands or other resources. Sharing and improving already existing solutions and generating new ones. Bypassing existing barriers through effortless people to people interaction.
The Platform is therefore in itself embodying SDG 17 (Partnerships for the goals), and thereby creating partnerships and collaboration which will support the progress on the rest of the SDGs. We also have a goal of real life hubs spanning the entire planet in addition to the Platform.


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